Thursday, August 18, 2016

Meet Six-Time Italian National Wrestling Champion Daigoro Timoncini

While I realize the pool of great-looking Olympic athletes is deep and wide, I'm officially ready to go on the record as saying 6-foot, 212-pound Italian Greco-Roman wrestler Daigoro Timoncini is hands down the hottest of them all. Eighteen evidentiary photos -- including a jaw-dropping Speedo shot -- HERE.


Jim Kelly said...

Yup! He's hot but i'd have to see all of the contenders at once. Can you arrange that please? A private showing?

Unknown said...

He might be, but in that pic he looks like a homeless person or wino (chunky, unkempt hair and sweaty). But a lot of hotties at these Olympics. (Did you see Leyva the stripper?!)

James Dwight Williamson said...

As usual Kenny you know a winner when you see him. I could drown in those eyes , lol!