Friday, August 19, 2016

Did Pokémon Go Assholes Ransack the 'Brady Bunch' Home?

Wow, two Brady real-estate stories in one week? Just days after Eve Plumb made a cool $3.8 million selling her Malibu beach house comes news that the famous Brady Bunch house in Studio City, Calif., was broken into -- while the elderly woman who owns it was inside. (Alice, perhaps?):
Intruders broke into a rear door and ransacked the downstairs before moving upstairs, according to the Los Angeles Daily News. The elderly homeowner was woken up when she heard the burglars broke a door upstairs. She called 911 as the burglars fled, the LA Daily News reported. The homeowner was uninjured and it wasn’t clear if anything was stolen from the house, which is also a stop for Pokémon Go. A neighbor told the newspaper that the homeowner had been beaten two years ago in an attempted robbery. The two-bedroom, three-bathroom home was featured in exterior shots of the ‘70s sitcom about a blended family with six kids. The single-family home was built in 1959 and used throughout the five-season run of “The Brady Bunch.”
Poor lady. But at least she has more bathrooms than the Bradys did!

I never understood why people used to tell me my childhood home looked like Mike and Carol's, but I guess I sort of see it now!


James Greenlee said...

It irritated me as a kid, and it irritates me now: the interior and exterior of the Brady house has never made sense. The inside had two full stories (and Greg's attic) on the right, and the outside is a split-level (or ranch with cathedral ceiling) on the LEFT.

Of course, most sitcom layouts (Roseanne, All in the Family, Seinfeld, Friends, Golden Girls, Happy Days) don't really work, but the Brady house was one of the most obvious.

Anonymous said...

kenneth, there were always 3 bathrooms - the kids shared one, another one in the master bedroom for carol & mike, and alice used the one downstairs. :)

Kenneth M. Walsh said...

I don't know. I never saw Alice go ONCE!

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