Tuesday, August 16, 2016

Caitlyn Jenner Confirms That 'I Am Cait' Has Been Canceled

There's no question "I Am Cait" served a valuable purpose. But in order for a show to continue, its protagonist needs to grow -- and sadly Caitlyn "Don't Go There" Jenner was not ready to look beyond the purview of her white male privilege, even as a woman. (Now can we please give Candis Cayne a show?) Read HERE


The Polar Beast said...

Let's hope that "I am Cait" being cancelled is followed by "I am Trump" being cancelled on November 8th.

woodstockdad said...

Notice none of the supporting cast are mentioning how much they're going to miss Ms. Jenner. I think she rubbed all of them the wrong way, too.

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