Thursday, July 07, 2016

Song of the Day: 'The Crulest Kind' by Willow Willow

If Kit Williamson was hoping getting his "EastSiders" web series on Netflix would expand its audience, he sure was right. Technologically savvy as I am for an old fart, I just don't have any desire to watch television on anything but ... a television. So when I saw Netflix would begin airing the show, which started in late 2012, Damian and I quickly tuned in. While the reverse-ordering of the pilot and episode 2 was a little off-putting to begin with, we've quickly gotten invested in the drama surrounding these frisky Silver Lake lovers. 

And to top it off, the music constantly has me Shazaming ... only it's fun/obscure enough to stump Shazam time and time again ... like this Kenneth-made little ditty from season 1, by the L.A.-by-way-of-the-Bay-Area duo Willow Willow! Info HERE.

Hear the complete Season 1 playlist HERE.

1 comment:

Larry said...

That's so funny you said that about Shazam-ing. My husband is watching the whole series now, and every time I walk by I hear a song and then hit Shazam to see what it is.

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