Wednesday, July 06, 2016

James at 49

The Huffington Post has a great profile on my pal Andrea James, whom they call a "trans pioneer who has been fighting for the community for decades." 
James, along with other prominent activists like Kate Bornstein, used the internet to connect trans and gender-nonconforming people to facilitate discussions about trans experiences long before the online space became regulated or corporatized. Her own site, Transsexual Road Map, became one of the first websites to focus on and educate individuals on the practical aspects of transition.  
Calling herself a consumer activist who works with trans issues, much of James’ work has been out of the public eye but monumental in its significance for the queer community. In this interview with The Huffington Post, James reflects on her journey from rural Indiana to where she is today, the current state of trans politics and her legacy as a writer, producer, educator and so much more.
 Read HERE.

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