Friday, June 10, 2016

Stanford Rapist Reportedly Took Photos of Victim's Breasts During Attack

More disgusting details related to the Stanford swimmer rape case, with reports that he may have photographed his victim's naked body and texted the images to teammates/friends. I don't think I could add anything to describe how vile he -- and apparently everyone he knows (based on the utterly tone-deaf statements they gave in his defense) -- is. But with that being said, I couldn't agree more with Emily Bazelon, who writes in The New York Times Magazine that what happened in this case actually represents true progress when you consider that a jury ACTUALLY CONVICTED a man who attacked a woman who was incapacitated during an assault -- and the fact that the public is outraged by the way-too-short sentence rather than blaming the victim for being trashed as is often the case. (It wasn't that long ago that a NYPD officer let himself into a drunk woman's apartment -- along with a lookout officer -- and raped her and then walked free. He then had the audacity to sue her for $175 million.) I know I risk backlash for saying this. But as awful as what happened to this young woman is, imagine REMEMBERING EVERY SECOND OF THE TERROR OF BEING RAPED and then having your rapist WALK AWAY SCOT-FREE -- which is what happens to the majority of victims (whether it goes to trial or not). This poor woman has a lot of healing to do. But I hope she can find some comfort in knowing that what happened in her case signals that the cultural and legal responses to rape are shifting,

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