Monday, June 06, 2016

Song of the Day: 'Sometimes I' by Blondie

Wish I had known about this cover Blondie did of the Plasmatics'  "Sometimes I" in 1998 right after learning singer Wendy O. Williams had taken her own life

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Rob91316 said...

WOW!!! That is fantastic!!! Blondie and The Plasmatics were two of my first introductions to rock and pop music when I was growing up. The Plasmatics' debut album, to this day, remains one of my favorite hard rock albums of all time (that was when they were still "punk," before they evolved to a more metal sound on their second album). I had the good fortune to meet Wendy Williams prior to a Plasmatics show in 1988, and she was as sweet as can be. I was so sad to learn of her suicide in 1998. But as someone who has suffered from clinical depression with suicidality himself, I absolutely agree with the citation from Wendy's suicide note that taking one's life is an individual right -- and not something that should ever be carried out without deep and thoughtful reflection. Fortunately, after years of therapy and trying different meds, my M.D. got me on the "right" medication in 2010, and my depression has been in remission ever since. In fact, I have never enjoyed life more than I do now, in well-medicated middle age! I only wish that Wendy Williams and others who have taken their lives in moments of hopelessness and despair had been able to muster the strength to hang in there until they found their "cure," like I did.

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