Monday, June 06, 2016

Princess and the Piece

This chick isn't really Harry's new squeeze. But it's still OK to hate her, right?

The Daily Mail writes: 
A teenager whose father plays with Bruce Springsteen sparked wild rumours online after joking that she was seeing Prince Harry. Olivia Tallent, whose father Garry in Springsteen's E Street Band, posted a snap of her and the royal on Instagram with the caption 'new boyfriend'. The 19-year-old later provoked even more speculation when she wrote: "Princess Olivia has a pretty nice ring to it, right?" Springsteen and his band were at Wembley Stadium last night for the latest leg of his The River world tour. Olivia posted the photo, showing Harry with his arm round her waist, on her Twitter and Instagram accounts, prompting lots of comments from jealous Harry fans. 

Imagine him on his WEDDING DAY ... and HONEYMOON.

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Steve said...

Yes, yes it is.

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