Thursday, June 09, 2016

President Obama Endorses Hillary Clinton; Bernie Sanders Pledges to Work to Defeat Donald Trump

Sanders and Obama seen discussing Donald Trump's spray tan.

A big step in the right direction as President Obama endorsed Hillary Clinton to be president of the United States -- saying he doesn't think there's ever been someone as qualified to hold the office -- on the same day Bernie Sanders finally acknowledged the former secretary of state's glass-ceiling-adjacent feat. The Vermont senator reiterated plans to compete in Tuesday's primary in Washington, but did not repeat his intention to try to sway superdelegates in Philadelphia, which is the first indication we have that he follow through on his repeated threats to try to be a spoiler. He also pledged to work to defeat Donald Trump, calling him a looming "disaster. As true as this is, I think it's important to remember that the entire GOP agenda is the real threat here -- singling Donald Trump out detracts from how onerous the whole party is -- and we must work equally hard to win the House and Senate or else a Clinton presidency will be four more years of Obama, but in a bad way.

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