Thursday, June 09, 2016

Cruising Inc.

I don't have what it takes to do the AIDS.LifeCycle -- I can barely drive from L.A. to San Francisco much less ride a goddamn bike, so I just donate, But my friend Paul signed on as a roadie for the first time this year and he sure seems to be enjoying the sights along the ride! Meanwhile ...

I also wanted to send get-well-soon wishes to my friend Jim Key, who has been a dedicated rider for more than two decades. Jim took a spill this time, but has made the most of this misfortunate turn of events by getting to know an incredible group of hard-working professionals up in Salinas. Hope you're back on the road soon, Jimmy! I'm sure our bed-ridden boy would love to hear some words of encouragement. You can contact him via Twitter HERE!

Jim and Derek ride for a great cause back in 1995

Donate/learn more HERE.

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