Thursday, June 23, 2016

Nick Jonas' Decision to Speak at Orlando Vigil Was 'Inexcusably Stupid, Juvenile and Disrespectful,' Says Out Magazine's Editor at Large

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I know I like to joke about Nick Jonas' "gay baiting" -- and by baiting I mean giving me an erection every time I see him. But this open letter to the former tween idol by a Facebook friend of mine -- who is Out magazine's editor at large, no less -- is borderline insane. Now hardly seems like the time to be picking and choosing which of our allies is worthy of us -- and I don't see how showing empathy for the LGBT community is ever "inexcusably stupid," "juvenile" or "disrespectful." Boy Culture agrees -- and had a few choice words about Chadwick Moore's "grostesque rant" HERE.


Dwight Williamson said...

Does anyone realize we need young caring friends, the key being young, to carry on their compassion and love. No act of love is ever wasted . Although it is not relevant if this were Bieber I could understand. I know Gloria Estefans politics but that shouldn't stop her from voluntarily singing on a recording to raise money for Orlando victims. Nick didn't carry the gun , and insulted enough- gay allies go away.

Mike in Asheville said...

Let us hope that being amongst the grief of the personal tragedy (we all feel the tragedy, yet, those who directly suffered personal loss and injury suffer so much greater than we-from-the-distance community members) overwhelmed OUT's editor-in-chief.

Save all due and just vitriol, anger and frustration for the enemies of the Golden Rule, the enemies of equality, the enemies of the American promise of the right of each and every to pursue their own happiness. Rant loudly at the Pat Robertsons, the Franklin Grahams, the Donald Trumps, the NRAs, and all the anti-gay and guns-for-money ilk. They are the evil they point their hypocritical judgment.

Hug our friends for standing with us. Big fucking fail OUT, you owe our friends an apology, you owe your constituency a righting on your wrong.

Jaime M said...

I guess this is one of those stupid, "you're not gay so you don't get to speak about gay issues" ideas. This type of attitude shows me once again how f-ing stupid identity politics are.

Y. U. HERE said...

What a DISGUSTING message for Chadwick to be sending out. It displays many things I stand against as a gay man, and moreso as a human.

Gross. Just gross.

Shy Boy said...

So I visited OUT.COM and they are using Nick Jonas images to subscribe. Whose the whore: OUT.COM or Nick.

Bob K said...

First of all may I say what an interesting burden it must be to carry the pretentious name of Chadwick Moore?Second Nick was in theater in New York since a small child and hung around Gay people his whole life so he was speaking as part of the theater community which is also the gay community ..... but let's excommunicate him because he's straight and we need to hate straight people because we're stupid little shits.
And let's not consider that the event got a lot more news coverage, and a lot more interest from Nicks fans because Nick spoke.

glendale1 said...

ugh. And just when did we elect you spokesman to speak for the entire gay community? I for one appreciate the support of someone so young and creative and visible, that deigns to lend their fame to such a worthy cause as our own. You shouldn't be so quick to judge and condemn. Oh, and speak for yourself, not us; and certainly not me.

Christopher Babick said...

Seriously? That was powerfully vile. We have our community. That is power. We also have our 'straight' allies. Celebrated individuals like Nick Jonas have fans, a majority of whom are probably 'straight'. His very public support for the LGBT community may very well provide the impetus for said fans to throw off prejudices and view us as we are, vital, diverse, and deserving of happiness...and life.

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