Wednesday, June 08, 2016

Mug Shot Wednesday

This 26-year-old high school football coach in Texas was wrong to have sex with a 16-year-old student, including in a classroom. But I can't say I blame the student. Sadly, it was a girl.

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Adam said...

Hey Ken. I have visited your blog over the years and a lot of it has resonated...your music tastes, politics savvy and humor. I have seen you get quite defensive when people share critical comments (and they often do it rudely)... and I'm hoping that you can take and what I'm saying and recognize that I'm not wanting to start a fight. I'm a survivor of childhood sexual abuse by a man that was in a position of power with me. From reading your blog over the years I have enjoyed your healthy appetite for handsome men.. But I can wonder sometimes why it's this important to post pictures of people who have committed assaults or other crimes. Is their handsomeness worth so much to you that it overrides either what they've done or the impact on readers who might have been victims of similar crimes? Something that can feel challenging at times about aspects of the gay community are when we elevate people because of their handsome looks even if they are profound narcissists or deeply unkind people. I know that your tongue is firmly in your cheek when you post these mugshot moments but I hope you can recognize that this reader feels negatively affected and wishes you would recognize the impact.

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