Thursday, June 23, 2016

Legendary New York Times Photographer Bill Cunningham Suffers Stroke -- UPDATE

Sending my best to Bill Cunningham, who is in the hospital recovering from what a Times spokeswoman says appears to have been a stroke. “Bill’s family and senior editors from The Times have been in regular contact with him,” she said. “We believe that his recovery will be quick.” The 87-year-old bike-riding virgin was the subject of a 2010 documentary, “Bill Cunningham New York,” which showed him riding around the city snapping pics and in his "Hoarders"-worthy studio in the Carnegie Hall building. We worked together for years, frequently chatting in the elevator at the old Times building on 43rd Street. But after I had left the paper I ran into him around the time of his film and asked him to pose for a photo with me, to which he replied, "Oh -- you don't want a photo with me." When I persisted, he replied rather sternly, "No." Get well soon, Bill!


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paintbrush said...

Thanks for mentioning this. I was wondering why I didn't see his usual posts in the Times.
If I ran into you would you have your picture taken with me?

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