Wednesday, June 29, 2016

Kim Wilde on Meeting 'Massive Idol' Debbie Harry

Blondie is a band -- but Kim Wilde is a person?

This story made me smile, especially when recalling how annoyed Debbie was when she felt people like Kim were co-opting Blondie's style.
I got very star struck when I bumped in Debbie Harry a few years ago. I’d never met her before and she was a massive idol of mine, so I was a bit overwhelmed. I didn’t know what to say, she had to calm me down. I’d just come off stage and I bumped into her and went, “Oh my god, it’s you!” She could see I was completely overwhelmed, she obviously has a lot of people react to her that way, so she said, “Go on Kim, calm down. You look like you need to calm down a little bit.” She was right, I did need to calm down a little bit; I’d just come off stage and bumped into Debbie Harry. It was just an overwhelming moment. I recently went to see Elvis Costello, because I was a massive Elvis Costello fan back in the eighties, bought all his albums, and somehow ended up talking to him via email through a bizarre chain of events, and ended up seeing him on his new Detour tour, and went back to say hi to him afterwards. I felt as star struck all these years later as I did when I met him back in the eighties. It’s quite a funny thing when you meet an idol. I’m always very respectful of it when people get like that around me, because I know I’m the same way around my idols and I don’t think it’s silly or stupid. I understand how it works and it’s the same for me too, so we’re all the same, really.

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