Wednesday, June 01, 2016

#ClintonSanders2016 for the Win

I'm so f**king scared with how starstruck (stupid) people are with Donald Trump that I think it's time Hillary and Bernie fans pull together and insist that they run together. It's the only way I think we can guarantee a win in November -- thoughts?


USA Today weighs in:
Our experts — the same folks who provided our weekly GOP Power Rankings in the fall and winter — offered a variety of candidates who could help Clinton shore up support with minority voters and liberals: New Jersey Sen. Cory Booker, who is young, African-American and the king of social media; Rep. Xavier Becerra, the only Latino holding a Democratic leadership post in Congress; and Secretary of Labor Tom Perez, a hero of organized labor. Diversity is not a new concern for the Democrats. It is worth recalling that in early 1993, President Bill Clinton arrived in Washington with a mandate for his personnel office: New federal appointees had to reflect ethnic, gender and geographic diversity, which became known as "EGG." Nevertheless, the runaway favorite among our group of experts is Tim Kaine, a white male who lives a few hours drive from D.C. "Tim Kaine is far and away the best choice — former mayor, governor, Spanish speaking, highly regarded from a swing state." said Dallas Morning News columnist Carl Leubsdorf. "I expect Hillary Clinton to pick someone clearly qualified to be president, to increase the contrast with Trump." Sen. Sherrod Brown, an Ohio senator, also scored well among our panel, both because the Buckeye State is critical for the general election and because he is more trusted among the party's liberals than Clinton is. Clinton "is likely to choose a running mate with whom she can work — so it might be someone she already knows or has worked with already," said Carroll University professor Lilly Goren. Picking Brown or Massachusetts Sen. Elizabeth Warren would "signal to many of the Sanders supporters that she is bringing their positions and advocates into the campaign," Goren said.


Dwight Williamson said...

Bernie has no filter, no loyalty is spoiled manipulative and totally self absorbed. Let's not get someone who would destroy any gains she could make -witht a "pie in the sky" agenda. I Do NOT nor have I ever or will I ever feel the Bern !! I could go on but what's the point. Listen to Billy Joel's Angry Young Man From TurnStiles one of his first albums . The line is "and he'll go to his grave as an angry old man"

George Safford said...

I agree. Hillary as President and Bernie as Vice President. Said this long ago. We need Bernie's agenda items not to get lost but we need more the experience and reach of Hillary. If their supporters agree and support the ticket it is unbeatable!

Alex said...

I think you need a little bit of youth on the ticket. If you add Sanders' and Clinton's ages together and pretend it was one person, that person would be old enough to have fought in the Spanish-American war. I'd look for her to pick someone under 55 or even under 50.

Jerry Lambert said...

Sanders supporters seem hell bent on holding us all hostage to their fantasy Saint Bernard. If he is so goddamned wonderful then why don't they want him to remain a senator where he can actually get something done? Vice President is not a role for someone who wants to accomplish an agenda. But then again Bernie has had 30 years in politics to accomplish absolutely nothing.

JimmyD said...

I was saying they should team up a year ago (or, as far back as this circus has been running). They both have their Pros and Cons. I think they would have (too late now) made a great team.

Matthew said...

Bernie would be a disaster. He would not be able to help himself from critiquing her WHILE campaigning and from WITHIN her administration. Loose canon. I think Elizabeth Warren fills that hole, and creates a marquee ticket. But I also like the idea of a person of color—not identity politics, but because there are so damn many who are so damn qualified, and what better way to tell a huge chunk of your base you're not just walking the walk. Castro's been attacked already, but Tom Perez could work well, maybe Cory Booker.

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