Monday, May 30, 2016

Why Bernie Conspiracies Don't Amount to a Hil of Beans

Great graphic illustrates what I've been saying all along: If Bernie Sanders were really the choice of the people, he would be beating her -- like Barack Obama did.

P.S. This statement about Bernie Sanders is going around Facebook attributed to Barney Frank, whom the Senator tried to have removed along with Connecticut Gov. Dannel Malloy as co-chairs of the Democratic convention's platform and rules committees. Turned out Frank didn't actually write this -- but I'm glad someone did:
"The Democratic Party -- the party that gave this country its first African-American President, the party that is poised to give this country its first woman nominee of a major party and very likely its first woman President, a party chaired by a Jewish woman, a party which features the first openly gay member of the United States Congress on the party's rules committee -- isn't 'progressive' enough or inclusive enough according to a 75 year old straight white male who 'white flighted' his way out of the most ethnically diverse city in the country to the whitest state in the northeast United States and who just passed his 1 year anniversary of declaring himself a member of the party that he thinks that he is the only fit candidate to be the party's nominee for President. A nomination which if he can't secure it by the ballot, has threatened to secure it by lawsuits and more than just hinted at violence. Am I getting this right?"
It seems no one -- not even AIDS activist Peter Staley -- is pure enough for Sanders supporters ... they've become truly insufferable.


James Dwight Williamson said...

Love it!

Mike in Asheville said...

I like the idea of a Bernie Sanders, I just don't think Sanders himself is that guy.

Fort the Democratic Party to succeed, though, it must shed the old old-school and find fresh blood. Pelosi was the new and fresh, 30 FUCKING years ago; Harry Reid, 30 FUCKING years ago; Hillary Clinton, 35 FUCKING years ago; Bernie Sanders, 36 FUCKING years ago.

While it was a special sense of pride and wonderment to vote for a black man for president, it was equally empowering that, for the first time, voting for a candidate who was actually YOUNGER than me.

While vile as can be, the Repugnantans have moved in much younger, much closer to the age demographics of the country with fuck-face Rubio, fuck-voiced Cruz, fuck-Randian Paul, and uber-fucker-leader Ryan.

Time to clear the deadwood brush before they allow the party to burn down.

Matthew said...

Kenneth: I guess this must mean you're in on it after all! [Points, makes Donald Sutherland INVASION OF THE BODY SNATCHERS noise.]

satellite attendant said...

"Progressive" isn't just about checking all the diversity boxes. It's about policy that addresses the structural issues that hold many marginalized groups back.

Some Sanders supporters may subscribe to some sort of conspiracy theory. I can't speak for everyone, and I don't think you should paint all Sander's supporters with the same brush. I think Sander's himself is focused on bringing his platform to the convention floor. It's a historic run and he deserves to be given some sort of input into what happens next. I'll just remind those who say he should "drop out now" that Hillary ran until June 2008, and because of the historic nature of her campaign, only threw her support to Obama from the Convention floor.