Tuesday, May 24, 2016

Scooter LaForge Returns to SF With an 'Invitation to Nothingness'

When Scooter and I graduated from college in Arizona, he fled to San Francisco while I settled in Los Angeles -- both of which turned out to be detours on the way to New York. Excited to see that the City by the Bay will be the site of his next solo show, in what promises to be a triumphant return! 

Scooter writes:
I am so pleased and happy to announce "Invitation to Nothingness," my new solo show in SAN FRANCISCO, one of my all-time favorite cities, where I lived for nine years and consider my second home. The exhibition will be up at 111 Minna Gallery, located at 111 Minna St. I will be at the opening on June 3rd, starting at 5pm. The show runs through July.
Info HERE.

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Peter Maria said...

Good for your friend! Kenneth, if it is not too personal or painful, can you post a Larry update with whatever info you found out from the specialist? Can't get enough of the little guy!

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