Thursday, May 19, 2016

EW Picks the 50 Best 'Will & Grace' Guest Stars

Funny that Entertainment Weekly should post the 50 Best "Will & Grace" Guest Stars (out of a possible 10,000?) since I happened upon the Britney Spears episode last night -- not one of the better ones. The list omits Ed Burns -- who would have saved us years of anguish if he'd been cast as Leo -- and Debbie Harry, who has even been scrubbed from the DVDs and syndication! (Never got a straight answer why.) But it does include many of the good ones, including Sharon Stone (as the disinterested therapist), Edie Falco and ChloĆ« Sevigny (as the lezzie real estate duo), Demi Moore (as Jack's former babysitter), Kevin Bacon (as the object of Jack's obsession), Ellen DeGeneres (as the stingy nun), Cher (as Cher), Candice Bergen (as Karen's archnemesis), Dylan McDermott (as Will's love interest with Mommy issues), Rosie O'Donnell (who did a great job as the uptight closet case mother of Jack's son), Neil Patrick Harris (as the ex-gay!)  and Joel McHale (as a bald guy -- oh wait, he was!).

But all in all, I'd have to say my favorite guest appearance was Madonna. Although it was ripe for the picking apart, the script the writers came up with was an A-plus effort -- truly hilarious! -- allowing Madonna to poke fun at herself while still acting within her range. That she reportedly wanted her storyline to involve Karen definitely helped matters -- poor Sandra Bernhard did the best she could with those other two -- but the pop star deserves full credit for delivering the goods, in what has to be her best performance since "Desperately Seeking Susan." (Cut to me watching it tonight!)

Debbie Harry's role was cut as abruptly as her hair.


Josh Aragon said...

And what about Mat Damon in the gay chorus episode?

Stephen Holmes said...

Matt Damon episode was the best by far

swine said...

Luved Suzanne Pleashette as Karen's mom. Karen calling her froggy still makes me chuckle.

David said...

"The list omits Ed Burns -- who would have saved us years of anguish if he'd been cast as Leo..."

Ed Burns was SO unbelievably boring in that role. He would have destroyed Will & Grace if he played Leo.

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