Thursday, May 05, 2016

Cat's Got My Tongue

Wow, I'm nearly speechless. My fundraising campaign to solve Larry's medical mystery has already reached 50 percent of the goal in just 24 hours, which I must tell you has made me almost as weepy as not being able to figure out how to make my little buddy better. As you can see from these recent photos, despite being given a virtual death sentence over the weekend, Larry is playful as ever -- look at those razor-sharp eyes! -- but is still in dire need of a proper diagnosis if there is any chance he can be saved. Please know that I appreciate every dollar that's been donated -- many from people I've never even met -- and also that I completely understand if you have more pressing obligations. (This was set up on a lark born out of desperation.) But if you're interested in making a donation -- or if you're just Larrycurious -- please click HERE

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