Monday, May 09, 2016

Bernie Bro Blasts Minorities He Once Championed for Not Supporting Sanders; 'Where Are You in MY Fight?'

We all know Sanders supporters who have gotten carried away this primary season. They'll insist that Clinton's backers are "just as bad" -- you know, holding up signs calling for him to be hauled off to prison -- but I've never seen any evidence of this. Even so, when my friend told me about being close to unfollowing a straight actor acquaintance of his for his over-the-top comments, I hoped he was exaggerating a little bit. He wasn't. This would almost be funny if it weren't so obnoxious and delusional.
To all of my friends out there who are Hillary Believers in the LGBTQI-community and the African-American community, and any other progressive community:

I have been there for you for every step of your fights, I have marched, signed petitions, written letters, lent financial support, been a vocal advocate & been verbally & physically attacked. I have stood up to bullies, sexists, racists, ecological destroyers, manipulative liars, BS peddlers, fear-mongering demagogues, etc etc etc. I have done this through my life and my art. I have had people threaten to pull the plug on my work for talking about these important issues.

So, I have stood by you in all of your fights, which I always considered OUR FIGHTS- the fight for equality. ...and now here we are at this point in History & here is my fight. So where are you in my fight? My fight for voter rights, my fight to get dark money out of politics, my fight to end the War on Drugs, my fight not to go to war everyday, my fight to end fracking in our communities, my fight to have a clean energy future, my fight for free education, my fight to have GMO foods labeled, my fight to have Healthcare as a human right.

We have made so many breakthroughs over the years. And now I am asking you to stand by me in my fight as I stood by you in yours.

There is only one Candidate who supports my fight on these extremely important, history-shaping issues, and that candidate is BERNIE SANDERS.

Someday you will have to account for where you stood during this extremely important election. 
I was right when I fought alongside you for your rights, will you abandon me now during my fight for my rights?

#USNOTME #Bernie2016 #endthedrugwar #nofracking #endcitizensunited #nodarkmoney #justlabelit #healthcareisahumamright #voterrightsnow #equalityforeveryone #freeeducation #freepeople #freeyourmind #FeeltheBern
And then today:
I will vote. Probably an almost straight Democratic ticket, with as many Green and Bernie-endorsing candidates as possible. Hillary is further than ever from getting my vote. I'll vote for Bernie or write him in, and if Trump wins because Hillary refused to drop out and consolidate the party behind the better liked, less controversial and stronger candidate, Bernie Sanders, well, if we flip Congress, I'm fine. I will vote for the candidate who does what he says and owns what he does. 
#StillSanders #BernieorBust #BerieSandersForPresident #Bernie2016
Gee, maybe he has a point: Why won't this eminently qualified woman who has gotten more votes than any other candidate -- Democratic or Republican -- and is leading in pledged delegates by a HUGE margin drop out?


Jerry Lambert said...

What a blithering moron. Anyone who thinks Clinton would be worse than Trump should be institutionalized.

Anonymous said...

translated: waaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhh!!!

swine said...

I could be wrong, but I'm seeing a slight change in Bernie at the latest rally. He's zeroing in on Trump. After CA, Hillary will clinch it & I believe Bernie will fully support Hillary against Trump. The question is, can he influence his supporters (wow, some sound so wacky) to vote for Hillary? I'm hoping Bernie will realize he can have an enormous effect & stop Trump by urging his supporters to vote against Trump.

mike/ said...

i 'unfriended' someone on FB because of his hateful Hillary Clinton posts. i've never done that before, but he was sounding more like a Trump supporter than Trump supporters themselves. i voted for Obama even though i don't like him from personal experience with him in Illinois but the alternatives were just too extreme & threatened everything more than George W. wake up people, it's not the end of the world if Sanders doesn't get it. it might be if Trump becomes preznit....

Unknown said...

You can try to explain to Bernie supporters that if their candidate was as well liked as they claim, he would be getting more votes and more pledged delegates than Clinton. But, they simply reply that she is only winning through voter suppression and cheating and that in reality (their reality) Bernie is actually ahead in this primary.

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