Tuesday, April 12, 2016

Unlucky in 'Love'

Here's another Pulitzer-worthy piece from The Daily Mail: A single mother arrested for having sex on a Las Vegas Ferris wheel with a since-murdered stranger on her 21st birthday has agreed to a plea deal. (Talk about a multi-tasker!) In case you're wondering, the guy -- who was in town to marry his fiance but went on a bender after they got in a fight and called off the wedding -- was shot and killed as he drove his former fiance home from her job at a strip club by some guy after bragging to the guy's brother that he was getting $4,000 to appear on "Inside Edition." (Huh?) 


One of the CA 36,000+ said...

This delicate flower hailed from Hicksville, New York, while her late partner-in-sleaze was from Texas-- not Florida, which shocked me, but whatever.

This couldn't be trashier if they had pulled out their dentures for the mugshots. You know they could have.

The jokes just write themselves, don't they...?!

Fit Studs said...

Oh my... Crazy story! But, true, you say? Sad.

Bill Carter said...

I am so tired of reading about the latest antics of the Palin family....

Oh, wait. I may have jumped to the wrong conclusion.

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