Thursday, April 28, 2016

Teed Off

People are furious about this "No Fats, No Fems" T-shirt that Mic says "reveals a sad truth about the gay community." I'm more curious about finding out if it says "No Asians" on the back. Read HERE.

Frankly, I think the gay community has the same problem as every other community: People are nicer to people they want to f**k than they are to people they don't. It ain't always nice, but it's just the way it is. And while wearing this shirt would obviously make you a bit of an asshole, its origin from hookup sites doesn't really bother me. Online sex is like ordering food -- you list off EXACTLY what you're in the mood for. And you know what? I'd be rich if I had a dime for every fat or fem who didn't want to bed one himself.


retropian said...

I had a roommate in the 80's who was overweight. He would always complain about being overlooked and how prejudiced other gay men were towards him for being well, fat. "Why can't they see through to the real me" he would complain. I recall pointing out to him that he doesn't pursue men who look like himself but the in shape and fit "hunks". And asked him why is that? Because he didn't find men built like himself attractive.

Mike in Asheville said...

...on the other hand, T-shirt messages like this one are clear warning signs that the wearer is a smug brainless asshole...

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