Thursday, April 28, 2016

Mug Shot Thursday

Sexy man has bad taste in women and politics -- and I love "conservative chemists"!

The Daily News writes:
A Republican fund-raiser and her boyfriend have been arrested after police found a meth lab and stores of other drugs at their Arizona home. Emily Pitha, 34, and Christopher Hustrulid, 36, were taken into custody Tuesday after authorities searching the Phoenix home discovered methamphetamine, LSD and heroin. They also found thousands of dollars worth of U.S., European and fake currency, according to AZ Family. The Maricopa County Sheriff’s Office said they were tipped off that the conservative chemists were to receive a package from the Netherlands with 250 grams of pure MDMA, enough for thousands of doses. Pitha was a longtime staffer for Republican Arizona senator Jon Kyl, and her LinkedIn page says that after his retirement in 2013 she worked for Sen. Jeff Flake. More recently she worked as an independent consultant for LovasCo, and the Arizona Republic reported that she was listed as the RSVP contact for fund-raisers supporting the re-election campaign of her state’s senior senator, John McCain.

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Anonymous said...

let me guess, they hosted prayer and bible study at every gop event they attended, and fully support anti-gay "religious freedom" and "bathroom"legislation...

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