Monday, April 25, 2016

Sweet and Sour

I'm not willing to give up soda (aspartame) or having my coffee super sweet (sucralose), so I sure hope my gamble pays off!


Anonymous said...

i'm with you, kenneth, no matter what dr. oz says!

drinking most anything sweetened with sugar is only acceptable for me as a last choice, the taste is too sweet.

SFRowGuy said...

Saccharin (Sweet N' Low), and Aspartame (Nutrasweet) are chemically created sweeteners. While they are not "chemically reactive", they are shown to cause cancer in mice in large doses. Sucralose (Splenda) is a "modified" sugar, which I believe is created by taking a natural occurring sugar -- in this case, Sucrose from beets and sugar cane -- and treating it with a chemical that changes it into an inert chemical. Sounds like the first two, doesn't it? Truvia (which I been using) is a naturally occurring sugar (supposably), that is non-caloric and non-nutritive. It's still too early to say whether Truvia isn't just as bad for you as the others. Sounds like it's better to just stick with regular sugar, and eat less. (IOW, the "No Fun" option.)

macguffin Fifty four said...

For those of us who are diabetic, artificial sweeteners are the only option (although I have a sweet tooth for cakes and such, sugary drinks are a "never"). I only use Aspartame, though. To my taste buds, Sweet and Low tastes like poison, Splenda has an odd "flat" taste to me (chalky?), and Truvia I have used but only in recipes (that called for it), so not sure how it is in drinks. Artificial sweeteners are the only way I can have soda (and gelatin, gum, etc.), so I say more power to them!

James Greenlee said...

I roll the dice on artificial sweeteners over sugar (high fructose corny syrup, in most cases). I'm usually on Atkins (which is frustratingly slow now that I'm 50, dammit), so if I want ANYTHING sweet, it's going to have to be artificial.

I'm heartened by a couple of things. First, if it was going to kill me, wouldn't it have by now? I've been drinking diet sodas (sweetened with combos of all those sweeteners over the years) since. . .1995ish? Secondly, you hear horror stories about aspartame and other sweeteners, but the links almost always turn out to be exceedingly vague, often contradictory, and on sketchy, almost conspiracy theory-ish web sites. Not convinced.

Finally, the primary thing you read is that even artificial sweeteners make you fat anyway. But when you get right down to it, that's because your body wants the sugar fix, and it inspires some people to over eat in other areas to make up for it. But I don't. So that doesn't seem to be a hurdle for me.

ernesto66 said...

Sucralose can cause headaches in some, migraines in those who are prone to them. And it's a chemical, which most sweeteners are these days. Cancer is one of the many things each of them causes, and that's no conspiracy. Their side effects are well known.

Stevia is a crystalized plant extract, just like sugar (you can buy them on Amazon and in stores to put in your drink), and so far as I have heard there are no side effects of any kind in using it. It is also several times sweeter than sugar, which means you can use less of it.

I have been using stevia (Truvia) for years now and wouldn't go back. Sugary drinks taste terribly sweet to me now, and in any case I wouldn't want to put back the weight I've lost using it.

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