Monday, April 04, 2016

Haru Sushi Coming to Former Home of Nisos in Chelsea

At last, after years of being an eyesore, we now know that the southeast corner of 19th and 8th is about to become a Haru, a fairly high-end sushi joint. I used to frequent the location on 43rd Street when I worked in the original New York Times building and liked it a lot, but worry that yet another Asian restaurant is not the answer to the once-thriving neighborhood's problems. (We just got a Momofuku three blocks up.)

8th Avenue watcher will remember the space used to be Nisos, which had a rocky 10-year run ...

and before that, Sam Chinita, a Cuban-Chinese place housed in a diner-style building that was bulldozed when Nisos set up shop.

From HERE.

A block up, but closer to 7th Avenue, it seems even a longtime psychic couldn't see the exorbitant rent hike that was heading her way, which has given the neighborhood a post-apocalyptic look

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