Wednesday, April 13, 2016

Cyndi Lauper to Donate N.C. Show Proceeds to Local LGBT Charity

Cyndi with my friend John Hughes, left, and a Mitt Romney lookalike

Tireless LGBT activist Cyndi Lauper tells TMZ she will absolutely play her upcoming concert in North Carolina, in support of her new country-fueled "Detour" album, but she's also joining the fight against the state's controversial HB2 law by donating her profits. Cyndi says she will give all profits from her June 4 show in Raleigh to Equality North Carolina -- an organization fighting to get HB2 overturned.

She says: "I think the best way I can do my part is to turn my show into an entire day to build public support to repeal HB2."

Her manager and agent will also donate their commissions. Cyndi recently told a TMZ photographer that unlike Bruce Springsteen, who canceled his North Carolina concert last weekend, she feels it's important to play for her LGBT fans there. But she finds no fault in Bruce's decision. saying "we all have to include ourselves in the effort" to build an inclusive society, but each person should do it the best way they know how.

You may recall that Lauper's True Color Fund opened a facility in Harlem for LGBT youth in 2011.

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Bob K said...

Bruce has the mainstream mostly straight audience whereas Cindy is going to play for a largely Gay audience who could use to hear her