Wednesday, April 06, 2016

Baby Kangaroo Has Good Taste in Men

Can't really blame the little guy for wanting to get under the cop's shirt....

IFL Science writes:
When its mother was hit by a car and killed, the future didn’t look so bright for a little orphaned kangaroo. That is until it was given to Western Australian police offer Scott Mason, who has taken the little joey under his wing, or into his shirt, rather.

In a video posted to Facebook, the little marsupial can be seen crawling into Constable Mason’s shirt, as he announces that the name of the four-month old kangaroo is to be Cuejo. Not only that, but it seems that Cuejo can't bear to be separated from his new foster “mom” as it is then seen hopping round the police station chasing after Mason.

The tiny kangaroo was brought into the Police Station in the remote town of Cue, located in the outback around 660 kilometers (410 miles) north east of the state’s capital, Perth. When first brought in after being discovered still in the pouch of its dead mother, the poor little thing was apparently “very dehydrated and skinny.” 
Yet since finding its way to Mason, it now has a spring in its step. Despite having a newly born baby with his wife, Mason has taken on the responsibility of another little one, which will require regular feeds every three hours or so, for the next 18 months. At least Mason will have plenty of practice for when the Cuejo finally flies the nest, and Mason is back onto human child duties.

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