Friday, March 18, 2016

Sandra Bernhard Is 'Fascinated' With Wen Shampooless Shampoo

My eyes are still filling with tears thinking about Sandra Bernhard discussing Wen(!) on "Sandyland" yesterday, which went something like this: 
Question: Has anyone tried Wen shampoo-less shampoo? Honey I'm fascinated by it.  
"Normal shampoos strip your hair ... takes out all the natural oils, the beauty." 
That guy, I guess that's his product, honey he is full-on queened out, sweetheart.  
"Shampoo has got to go ... Wen is like a four-in-one product." 
I don't know what those four things are. But I think ... look it up for me, Lisa. I think there's been some backlash to the Wen product. Apparently it doesn't clean your hair. Or it strips your hair. Or it does a striptease on your hair. People are freaking out.  
(Producer says something in distance)  
Oh, your hair falls out. What is his name, Wen? This gentleman. What does Wen mean? Is it an Asian name?  
Producer: Chaz Dean.  
Oh, Chaz Dean. Honey when your name is Chaz you are really willing to go there, all the way. I think. You're willing to say, Don't use shampoo. Use a four-in-one product that will make your hair glow ... when it's laying next to you on the pillow when you wake up and it's not in your head anymore. Oh my god, can you imagine?
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