Saturday, March 12, 2016

Protest Planned to Save Chelsea Supermarket From Store-Closing Rent Hike

Well, it's not exactly on 8th Avenue, but the Associated Supermarket just off 8th on West 14th Street just notified residents that it will be forced to close in May if something isn't done about an impending rent hike. Our local council member, Corey Johnson, is planning a protest on Sunday. For many Chelsea and Greenwich Village residents, the supermarket is one of the only sources for affordable groceries in their neighborhoods, Johnson said in a statement. He and other protesters plan to ask the landlord to negotiate a new lease with the store owner. “No one should be forced to travel long distances to buy food, especially seniors on fixed incomes,” he said. Can't say I'm surprised about this distressing news but here's hoping something can be done before it's too late. Read HERE.


I'm at work today but a friend on the scene says Corey is "killing" it.

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