Wednesday, March 16, 2016

Obama Taps Merrick Garland, a Centrist, for Supreme Court

President Obama has somehow managed to be both Charlie Brown and Lucy in this scenario

Good grief. I cannot believe President Obama has slipped back into his first-term ways. I'm starting to think the Republicans are right -- let's win the White House (again) and take back the Senate and pick a fabulous judge in 2017. Screw this, which isn't going to work anyway.

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Anonymous said...

the lucy/football analogy was my first thought as well, but then my opinion of the nominee changed - i now believe merrick garland's nomination is a political move by the president to be exploited while facing the gop's obstinance.

garland is a sacrificial lamb, as i suspect he's fully aware (albeit a highly qualified, respected, experienced, knowledgeable, responsible, and likeable sacrificial lamb).