Friday, March 11, 2016

Justin Time?

Did anyone catch cutie Leuh (well, the spelling's not cute, but still) desperately chasing after Instastud Justin this week on "Catfish"? It had all the markings of a "catfish" -- a troll using fakes photos -- and then even after Nev and Max tried to arrange a meeting, Justin said "absolutely not." Well, because the show needs new twists, they decided to travel from Rochester, N.Y., to Huntington Beach, Calif., anyway to contract the guy -- only it turned out he WAS real! What happened next made no sense whatsoever: He went from standing her up twice then refusing to meet with her even when he knew she was in town to acting like he was ready to have a full-on relationship, encouraging her to move there and even talking marriage -- but something about it just didn't add up for me. Anyone have any inside news or thoughts? 

More photos of the randy Romeo HERE.

1 comment:

Fit Studs said...

Sorry but, not cute IMHO... :D

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