Thursday, February 25, 2016

Woman Recants Rape Story, Admits She Was Having Sex With Dad

Wow, I certainly didn't see this coming. It turns out the five underage teens accused of raping an 18-year-old woman in a Brooklyn park in January were (at least partially) telling the truth when they said the encounter was consensual, and that they got the idea to gang-bang her after coming upon her already having sex ... with her father. That they took advantage of a young woman like this is obviously deplorable. But they had no way of knowing she spent her childhood bouncing around foster homes and only found out who her father was last summer, only to have him prey on her that way. Still, I find it galling that all five of the boys' names and arrest photos will forever be connected to this disgusting incident while the people who ADMITTEDLY LIED TO THE POLICE (the father-daughter also said the boys had a gun) and seem to have FALSELY ACCUSED TEENAGERS OF A HEINOUS CRIME -- remain anonymous. (Father of the Year is dodging incest charges because his daughter refuses to cooperate wIth investigators.) While I understand protecting the identities of victims of sex crimes, what I don't get is why these minors weren't also protected -- you know, in case they were never convicted of doing anything? (My guess is they can kiss ever getting a job goodbye with this story following them around.) I watch a lot of true-crime television and I'm not sure I can remember a story that was ever this twisted.

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Mike in Asheville said...

When the original story posted last month, it was just disgustingly horrible. And yeah, WOW -- its even worse!

While I completely agree this is a mess for the boys' futures, any punishment of the young woman seems misplaced too. She has not had an easy and loving childhood; what would the point of adding misery to her life be?

[While the father is clearly amoral, its seems likely that the incest wasn't illegal. The young woman was 18 and says the sex was consensual. Gross, indeed; illegal though? And hard to prosecute him for false police report without also charging the daughter. Though his name should be broadcast around the world.]