Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Sanders Supports Tell Hillary to Sit on It in New Hampshire

I gotta give Bernie Sanders a lot of credit. I haven't seen this many teenagers get so excited about an old Jew since the Fonz. That being said, I'm not exactly panicking yet, despite the similarities to 2008. I still think Hillary is the best candidate and that voters in South Carolina and Nevada agree, and that things will fall into place from there. If I'm wrong, I think Bernie Sanders is a very smart man and I will back him fully. My fear, however, is that he is more vulnerable in a general election, and the thought of a Republican in the White House literally keeps me up at night, especially if someone seemingly (though not actually) reasonable like Kasich rises from the ashes. Sanders is not a cult leader -- although I couldn't resist this meme because his followers are a bit much. But has one thing too much in common with Donald Trump. Just as Mexico will never be paying to build a wall around the southern U.S. border, and there will never be a ban on Muslims in the U.S., Sanders will never get a single-payer health-care system in place, nor will he make college tuition free and magically reverse Citizens United. We need a manager in the White House, not a dreamer.


barry simon said...

Bernie has been a manager. He was a mayor and had to run a city. What has Hillary run? You are drinking the Hillary cool-aide.

I don't know what Bernie will be able to achieve. But at least he starts with some big ideas like getting rid of the health insurance companies which, in my opinion, wouldn't be a bad idea. They have nothing to do with healthcare and everything to do with making big profits for themselves. Hillary wants to start small, building on what is already there. And, of course, if the Republicans still control Congress, they will simply bow down to her wishes. Quite simply, she will achieve even less because she is starting so small. You'll need a microscope to see whatever increments she accomplishes, if any.

I'd love to see Bernie face off against Trump. While Trump's supporters won't change their minds, it's the so-called Independents who have to be swayed. They'll determine who the next president will be. And I think once they see Bernie up against Trump or Cruz or Rubio, enough of them will hopefully vote for him. And then there's the possibility that the Republicans will pull a fast one at their convention. But then, Hillary is hoping to play the super delegates card. But it didn't work against Obama because these elite Democrats decided they couldn't go against the wishes of the voters who overwhelmingly wanted Obama. The same thing could happen with Bernie. In the meantime, let go of the Hillary myths and let the game play out.

Bob K said...



Good goal, but, as Ken makes clear, NOT happening anytime soon, unless you have a couple of billion in your pocket to lobby Congress.

Hillary is starting with promises she has a good chance of keeping, but that is far less sexy than Bern-in-the-sky.

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