Tuesday, February 09, 2016

Russell Tovey's Sexy Chest Apologizes for Making Queen Swoon

You could hardly blame a girl for fainting at the sight of Russell Tovey's pumped pecs. But the "Looking" hunk turned Broadway star still took the time to apologize to Davin Cutchall, who is still fanning himself more than a week later!

“On behalf of my arms and nipples, I feel the need to publicly apologize for the effects felt by one of our audience members on a dark winter night in New York City,” Tovey said.

I liked the old version, too!


Brad Dunshee said...

I call BS. I'm pretty sure this was a publicity stunt.

The Polar Beast said...

Looking at that guy in the johnny, I'd say it was his blood pressure not Mr. Tovey. He looks like the guy you would have in a commercial for an ACE inhibitor like Vasotec.

Mark, née Fuzz said...

I'm with Brad and the Beast. This struck me as the most ridiculous of stories ever, perhaps too absurd even for the Enquirer or that ilk. Yeah, Tovey is cute but the fainting business is just a load of crap. Not to be cruel - oh hell, yes it's cruel - but it's more likely the triple whopper before the show crowded the man's diaphragm and impeded the flow of oxygen.