Thursday, February 04, 2016

More Upheaval on Chelsea's 8th Avenue

Less than four years after a flashy grand opening in the space that once housed the Viceroy, British-sounding Pounds & Ounces quietly closed recently -- but appears to be reopening as German-sounding Studio Kraut. It can't be any worse than what it was, so I welcome this change. 

Meanwhile ... two more closings on the avenue of lost dreams

Banana Republic, where I quickly bought a suit off the rack in 1999 when I got invited to a National Lesbian and Gay Journalists Association dinner at the 11th hour. That I wound up seated next to Jane Pauley -- and Mayor Ed Koch, Tina Brown, Michael Huffington and his latest boy toy were there -- made it all worthwhile!

And Silom, one of a dozen Thai restaurants on 8th Avenue, seems to be gone for good. (This was once the Blue Moon Mexican joint.) Michael and I were regulars there when it became Silom, before management changed -- and I remember seeing my friend Chris (Larry's surviving partner) there on what was his first date with the man who became his husband, Brian! 

Silom claims they will be back, but we've heard that song and dance before.

UPDATE: I was wrong -- Silmon is back, at least for now ... as Thai Sliders!

Meanwhile, after 26 years serving Chelsea boys with size XS T-shirts and designer briefs, the Starting Line is finished ...

And my closest Citibank, on 8th at 15th, is suddenly gone, too. Is Google determined to occupy every inch of this building?


Ethnic Slurry said...

Studio Kraut?! Is Cafe Hebe next?

Jeff Stryker said...

Studio Kraut makes German schiesser videos. Uncut versions only.

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