Thursday, February 11, 2016

Hollywood Shines at Saint Laurent’s Fashion Spectacle

She's Tight: Brandon Lee, Pam Anderson and Dylan Lee

The Observer points out that L.A. put New York Fashion Week to shame with the celebrity quotient at the Saint Laurent show, and they weren't kidding. Pamela Anderson's piece-of-ass son Brandon was my favorite. See 'em all HERE.

I Hate Myself for Sitting Near You: Justin Bieber and Joan Jett

Madame Tussauds Would Be Proud: Jane Fonda and Sylvester Stallone

Calorie-Free Zone: Sam Smith and Ellen and Portia

Two Non-Blondes: Courtney Love and Lady Gaga

Separated at Youth: Not sure which is Zoe Kravitz and which one is mom Lisa Bonet

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Hot guys blog said...

Pam's still the prettiest, haha. :D

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