Saturday, February 20, 2016

Hillary Clinton Wins Nevada Caucuses; Jeb Bush Drops Out of Race -- UPDATE

My stance on November has shifted a bit -- while in SF, Kevin Sessums made a persuasive argument why Bernie Sanders might be the stronger candidate in a Democratic version of Ronald Reagan in 1980. But I'm still with Hillary -- and I think this more decisive win will be the turning of the tide toward the nomination. 

P.S. Trump won (again) in South Carolina. But Cruz and Rubio's votes together are way more than him -- plus Bush and Carson are still getting votes -- so it's just further proof that the Republican party is too stupid to get its shit together and winnow it down to get a non-Trump candidate, which they claim is all they ever wanted. 

UPDATE: Jeb! finally dropped out, but still wants us to "take our country back" -- aka not have a black man as president.


Dwight Williamson said...

I ain't giving free tuition to nobody. I paid back 75000 for dental in loans and for undergraduate had scholarships and worked 25 hours a week. There is no free lunch!

Jake said...

Even assuming Bernie could win and the House and Senate go Democrat so he can get something done, Bernie supporters should read the article in the NYT last week concerning left leaning economists' very real concerns about his programs.

das buut said...

I have been saying from the beginning, it isn't about Bernie the man, it is about his policies. If she would simply get off the conservative side of the fence, I wouldn't be so up in the air about supporting her later on if she wins. The fact still remains, she is a conservative with a few less conservative ideals.

I don't want free tuition, Dwight, I do want a job good enough that I can afford to pay the 25K of a full community college degree. NAFTA and TPP ensure that won't ever happen again.

Bob K said...

Bernie is the "bright and shiny candidate", showing up Hillary's caution about promising too much and her lack of ability to promote herself (as opposed to a cause) comfortably, ending up sounding forced. However, his grand ideas work ONLY if Congress magically sheds most of the members bought by medical, pharmaceutical, hospital, financial, investment, energy, and more interests. In other words, not anytime soon. She can be a bit boring, but would be a very good President, and work with ideas that will pass Congress. WE need to focus on the Senate and the House (less obtainable due to gerrymandering) Bob K

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