Wednesday, February 24, 2016

Barney's: It's All About Men

Finally stopped by the new Barney's -- or Barneys, depending where you look. My friend Tim Teeman and I ran into my ex-boyfriend, Michael, on our way there. 

The three of us were standing on the circular staircase chatting when we ran into my neighbor and stylist (Tony) -- who was surprised to see me with Michael instead of Damian -- and it suddenly felt like we were "The Women." 

(The place just reeks of high-end gossip!)

The store is glamorous and spectacular. But I know I will never purchase a single thing there -- $1,700 windbreakers that look just like my $40 one from Uniqlo aren't really my thing -- and I'm not entirely convinced rich people will, either.

I'm looking forward to the famed Christmas windows, though. Right now the windows are all about Bruce Weber -- so '80s!

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Cindy Adams said...

And no photo??

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