Tuesday, January 12, 2016

This Is 70

I'm sure this photo of Debbie Harry has be retouched to the hilt, but still ... wow. I wish someone could doctor me to look that good. From PBS’s upcoming "Soundstage: Blondie in Concert."


edmcan said...

Kenneth, come on. Look at a picture of her from 10 years ago-really old and droopy. She's had a ton of GREAT plastic surgery, trust me.

Michael Mckenna said...

Debbie was only 60 years old 10 years ago and looked fantastic for a 60 year old. What is your point Debbie has never never ever needed a ton of plastic surgery. She has admitted to a face lift and her eyes done in her later years but she was a natural beauty. Some people just can't get over she 70 years old. As in their mind she is still 30ish. Get a grip, life moves on the same will happen to you one day but you will never be the legend that is Debbie Harry. She is still the same person, what has she got to prove she will alway be remembered as a totally stunning beauty as well as a great singer, song writer and performer there is many layers to Debbie Harry not just beauty you just have to look beyond the image and its all out there in your ears, eyes and head.

Kenneth M. Walsh said...

I used the word "doctor" as a reference to said plastic surgery, which everyone has heard her talk about. Not sure where all the bitchiness is coming from here.

Redcrop Uk said...

She has always looked decades younger than her age ... If she was 32 today, instead of being 32 back in 1977, everyone would say she's plastic surgery ... But in 1977 she had no money and today's plastic surgery didn't even exist ... SHE ALWAYS WAS AND STILL IS ABSOLUTELY STUNNING.... And I would say, of all the 70 year olds who have had some help, Debbie Harry has made her choices very wisely and carefully .... Others look good but they look like different people... Debbie Harry still looks very much like Debbie Harry, which just proves she hasn't had tons of plastic surgery ... She also took the decision to not do Botox after saying she thought it made her look expressionless ... Like so many other facets of her personality, it's obvious that whatever choices she's making they are the smart ones .... SHE IS AMAZING AT 70

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