Wednesday, January 20, 2016

Sour Note

Apparently the war for music streaming marketshare has become more important than actually SELLING music, because twice I've tried to buy albums recently and Amazon did everything in its power to refuse to SELL it to me, offering to let me stream it for FREE. (Huh?) My brother also notes the other bizarre thing -- that they charge less for CD plus MP3s than they do for MP3s alone. I think I"m starting to see why artists can't make any money off recorded music anymore -- it all goes to Apple, Spotify and the like.


Tom Z said...

I still collect CDs (love the cover art), so what Amazon does is the best of both worlds for me. I get immediate gratification from the mp3 download to all of my devices, followed in a few days by the CD for my permanent collection!

Michael H said...

Funny you mentioned the Amazon method of charging more for the hard copy CD than for the download. The first time I saw this on Amazon I had to look twice. Thought I was seeing things.

Myk said...

and they wonder why vinyl is making a comeback?