Saturday, January 23, 2016

Snow Job -- UPDATE 2

They're saying we broke a bunch of snow records today, but it didn't strike me as being that bad. (It helps that I have a boyfriend who cooks!)  I'm slated to leave for La La Land tomorrow around 6 p.m. and by all accounts, we should depart as planned. (Let's be honest, Susanna and Belinda need me.) Hope you're safe and dry wherever you are. xo 

UPDATE on Sunday night:

For my L.A. friends: Exciting news! My trip is back on, albeit slightly rejiggered. NYC airports are reopening tomorrow afternoon, so I will be in L.A. late Monday night through Friday morning. I'll be missing show one at Largo, but I will be there Tuesday night. Mother Nature finally gave in ...

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Unknown said...

Not that bad?! Maybe in your neck of the woods (whatever that means). My dog LOVES to play in the snow and he got tired of it in about 20 seconds because he couldn't move it was so deep... six hours ago, when it has been snowing ever since and is forecast to snow for another 4-5 hours!