Friday, January 15, 2016

'Pretty' Persuasion

OK, this is something I could be up for. "Pretty in Pink" will return to theaters to celebrate its 30 anniversary next month just in time for Valentine's Day!. Rolling Stone promises the re-release celebration -- on Feb. 14 (aw!) plus Feb. 17 -- will include the original ending that test audiences rejected, where Andie and Duckie ride off into the sunset together sans Blane (sans wig). (The 25th anniversary DVD, "Everything Duckie" edition, claimed it had the original ending, but it DID NOT!) I'm assuming Ted Turner will digitally heterosexualize Jon Cryer's part for the occasion.  The film was originally released on Feb. 28, 1986.

   Must have seen this at that theater on Longmore with Greg, Tina, Yuki and Deanna a dozen times!

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TomF said...

I'm surprised this film has not been given the blu-ray treatment yet. The 30th anniversary would be the ideal time. With the original Duckie ending as a bonus. The "special collector's edition" could include a replica of Andrew McCarthy's awful wig for the re-filmed ending.

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