Monday, January 18, 2016

Glenn Frey, Founding Member of the Eagles, Is Dead at 67

Wow, the hits keep coming. Very sad -- perhaps abnormally so -- that Glenn Frey died today in New York at age 67, from complications of rheumatoid arthritis, acute ulcerative colitis and pneumonia. Besides my obvious worship of the Eagles, which he cofounded with Don Henley, I've always had a weakness for his cheesy '80s solo material. My brother Terence and I used to half cringe, half marvel when "I Found Someone" came on (nonstop) in the early days of MTV. But when he bought me the "No Fun Aloud" CD for my birthday 20 years later, it became obvious we were secretly just marveling. (That sax solo -- come on!) "You Belong to the City" was my other solo favorite, with yet another unforgettable sax solo. "Hotel California," "Already Gone," "New Kid in Town" and "Take It Easy" were his most popular -- and arguably best -- songs. But "I Found Somebody," "She Can't Let Go," "The Heat Is On" and even the obnoxious "Partytown" never failed to make me smile. Thanks for the music, Glenn. You will be missed. RIP.

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