Sunday, January 24, 2016

Evan Mecham High

After initially trying not to know the details of this disgusting story of six Phoenix girls -- who go to the high school that is a stone's throw away from my parents' Ahwatukee abode, so it was literally a little too close to home for me -- I was somewhat relieved to learn that they hadn't specifically gone out and had those shirts made up just to spell out the N-word, but in fact had gotten together (let's hope spontaneously) on the side for this "hilarious"photo op, (Sigh.) However, that the shirts were actually made up to assist in spelling “Best You’ve Ever Seen Class of 2016" guarantees their place in the Irony Hall of Fame.


Jim B said...

If they had shifted to read 'GINGER' and all sporting red-haired wigs, so different. I sooo believe them....there is no G-I-G in the supposed message.

Kenneth M. Walsh said...

They used the "1" as the "I" and two asterisks as the G's, so that part of the story checks out -- doing it in the first place doesn't :-)