Wednesday, January 13, 2016

Charlie Sheen Tells Dr. Oz His HIV 'Numbers Are Back Up' After Revealing He Got Off His Medication -- UPDATE

No f**king shit. Sorry, guys. I'm so tired of hearing about people being on the brink of full-blown AIDS again -- only to find out it's because they stopped taking their medications. (Especially the well-to-do.) Even if you're financially disabled, there is no excuse to not reach out and get help -- and take your meds. Jesus Christ -- do you know how lucky you are to not have to drop dead in a matter of months?.

UPDATE: OK, I'll admit that I didn't watch this. (Who can tolerate Dr. Oz much less Charlie Sheen?) The very idea that he was going off his meds was enough to prompt me to post this because I've known several friends who have done the same thing (for various reasons) and it's always upset me. But now that I know he ALSO said he was going off them and seeking "alternative treatment" in Mexico, I agree with activist Peter Stately that Sheen is "spitting in the face of those who saved him." Everyone has a right to do what they want with their body. But it seems awfully reckless for him to go on television and discuss this brazen approach, especially after telling Matt Lauer he intended to be an "advocate for the cause." That was laughable to being with, but people do look up to celebrities, for better or worse. Let us pray no one with HIV would be dumb enough to see him as a role model and follow his example. Read HERE.


Mike in Asheville said...

I agree and disagree. I agree that Sheen is an idiot for going off treatment. In today's world, one can Google each antiviral and watch videos of how each one attacks the virus to prevent duplication. The scientific analysis shows how the virus is, essentially, rendered incapable to replicate. Urban myth of alternative treatments are just that, myth. None can show analysis of effective results that kill or render useless the virus.

Where I disagree is that there are some, like me, who have been of the antiviral cocktail during the past 20 years. Indeed the cocktail has changed much: back in 1997, I was taking 30 antiviral pills (11 doses) per day: one 3 x daily with food, one 3 x daily w/o food, one 2 x daily w/o food. Additionally, I was taking another 25 pills per day to treat/prevent infections, boost other systems the antiviral were disabling, and one bimonthly injection.

Now I take 5 antiviral per day (5 doses). But now, longterm side effects of the antivirals also require me to take new prescriptions to treat serious coronary and vascular issues (now at 2 strokes, 2 TIAs (mini-strokes) and 1 heart attack).

Taking treatment holidays have been well thought determinations. Taking 2-3 months off antivirals have been important psychological and physical holidays from the side effects and mental relief from the bondage of required medications. They have been empowering, and, renewed when needing to end the holiday to resume effective treatment.

All of the longterm patients I know (because we have talked about this) feel pretty much the same as I do. These holidays have been important factors in our individual ability to maintain treatment. (Diabetics do not have the luxury -- a horrible term here -- to stop their injections; bet every one of them would take a month or two off every 5-10 years if they could.)

Kenneth M. Walsh said...

Point well taken.

Blobby said...

This is possibly the lowest thing he'd do for attention. Though I'm sure he'll surprise me.

The Polar Beast said...

Mr. Sheen is just a narcissist. Always out for attention. Most likely he was missing all the free press and media coverage from his announcement.

Unknown said...

Dr. Oz is a charlatan - a patent medicine man who endorses any and all "medical" products for a quick buck!!!

That being said ~

While I like Charlie Sheen the Actor, I'm not a fan of Charlie Sheen the Person - he should be focusing on staying well for his kids' sake I/O going with these crackpot processes which do nothing.

duckie dale said...

Anything to bolster ratings. In a couple months, it'll be something else from this guy. Why can't people like this just go away?

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