Friday, December 11, 2015

Yellow Journalism

Court documents -- and my eyes -- indicate Holtzclaw is Asian or Pacific Islander 

Daniel Holtzclaw -- the former Oklahoma City police officer found guilty of 18 counts of rape and sexual assaults against black women -- deserves to rot in prison. There is no room for this kind of abuse of power in this country, and that he preyed on people who were likely to not be believed (most of them either had criminal backgrounds or were in possession of drugs) makes it all the more grotesque. But does Shaun King have to turn this into a black vs. white issue, when the cop IS NOT WHITE?!!!! The issue is abuse of power by the police, which we sadly know all too well. Shame on King -- and the Daily News -- for publishing factually incorrect information. There are enough problems with the way some white cops treat African Americans, do we really need to be making shit up?

UPDATE: Commenters have informed me that supposedly it was the perpetrator who kept bringing up his "whiteness" to the victims -- he has a white father and Japanese mother -- to which I say: Shame on the Daily News and Shaun King for not writing an article that makes any sense to someone who is relying on you to be able to explain what happened. Other news agencies didn't mention this detail, either, but they also didn't identify the guy as white. I didn't realize I was required to do research in order for a piece to make any sense whatsoever. It would have required one extra
 line and perhaps shed some light on the sicko's own racial hangups. 


das buut said...

I thought the same damn thing when The New Civil Rights Movement said it months ago, and continue to do so.

Yue Shi said...

Well the cop is half white half Japanese, and all victims are black. And statistics show that black women are much more likely to become victims of sexual assault in part because people believe police are less likely to believe them when they report it. That's where the racial angle comes in. It has less to do with the rapist's own race.

Patrick Bradshaw said...

Kenneth, you might not be aware that "whiteness" was very much an issue in the evidence in the case. Holtzclaw's mother was Japanese. All but one of his 13 known victims were black. The victims testified that he said things to them like, "Is this the first time you sucked white cock?" and "I bet you never sucked a white dick before." Although some would say the perpetrator is not "white," he definitely used whiteness to degrade and humiliate his victims.

Val Neo said...

What in the world could have happened to this man to make he become such a heartless, soulless creature. I really wonder.

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