Monday, December 28, 2015

Song of the Day: 'Who's Gonna Kiss Me Goodnight?' by Slow Children

There have been some surprising comebacks in the history of music. But the re-teaming of Slow Children -- aka Pal Shazar and Andrew Chinich -- has to be the most unlikely of all. The band never toured, never had a hit single, and released just two albums. ("Slow Children "(1981) and "Mad About Town" (1982) were never even issued on CD, so I did it myself.) Yet those of us who were fortunate enough to discover them back in the day -- many thanks to MTV's early days playing the sublime "President Am I?" video -- have long considered them one of the best acts of the New Wave. I've gotten to know Pal over and years and have enjoyed her solo albums and performances. But this recent announcement about a new album has me feeling like a boy waiting for Christmas morning. Now get a load of this previously unreleased track -- "Who's Gonna Kiss Me Goodnight?" -- from the early '80s ...

and then check out a new track called "Thelma & Louise."

As Kit Watson said in an email to the band's fans, this is gonna be GOOD!!!

Kit writes:
Schrödinger's cat has been untangled, and it's emerging from the box, very much alive! I am now free to talk to about that secret music project in which I am currently deeply immersed. I have joined up with 80s New Wave sensation Slow Children ("President Am I", "Spring In Fialta", "Vanessa Vacillating") to put out a third album of new material—33 years after "Mad About Town". A few years back, Pal Shazar and Andrew Chinich had a joyful and productive reunion, where a pair of live shows were staged, and several new songs written (or renewed from past songwriting spates) and smartly demoed in a multi-track studio. I am taking the stems from those recordings and carefully constructing finished tracks, adding drums, percussion, and sundry synths appropriate to each song. Two tracks are already in the can, and they're sounding pretty damn amazing. If all continues to go as well as it is now, the new CD should be out sometime in the first half of 2016. Slow Children fans, rejoice! This is gonna be GOOD!!! ‪
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Vanessa Vacillating's brother said...

Awesome news! I worked at a Licorice Pizza music store in LA during the 80's. Got their first LP as a promo and have been hooked every since then. Kenneth, thanks for the link to the old albums!