Tuesday, December 08, 2015

Soldiers at Ease With Black Socks

Overheard a millennial talking about the Army's decision to now allow soldiers to wear black socks with their Army physical fitness uniform -- 67 percent preferred it -- and realized he was so young he (almost certainly) had no recollection of how black socks with shorts was something only your embarrassing dad (or seniors in Miami Beach) did until Andre Agassi changed the fashion landscape -- all but making white socks seem out of place. I can remember guys at the movie theater where I worked in high school wearing white socks with "dickies" of black material around the top so they could pass for black, which was required as part of the dress code, because cool guys ONLY wore white socks.

Oh, Dad!

The funniest thing is Agassi's fashion statement didn't exactly seem like a no-brainer. 

When he first started doing it -- when he was still wearing the weave(!) -- he wore them with these white high-top tennis shoes that had a black tongue, which had the unfortunate effect of making it look like he was scurrying around the court in a pair of white pumps with little black socks underneath. (It was particularly hilarious if you squinted!)

Now, of course, even fashion icon Roger Federer wears dark socks, and looks like a million bucks doing so.

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Rick said...

Years of watching 80's porn have made me a believer that white socks are the only way to go! I will never ever wear black ones with shorts ;-)

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