Wednesday, December 02, 2015

Mug Shot Wednesday

In fairness, you could do a lot worse in the way of perverts.

The Daily Mail writes:
A man who was given a pass for allegedly spying on a woman while she showered was caught doing it again on Monday, say police. Sean Francis Tucker, 22, of Parkland, Florida, was allegedly caught peeping on a woman while she showered - and cops say it was his second time doing it. The man was busted when the woman's husband found him allegedly standing on the family's water purifier in their backyard, and staring into the master bathroom window where the woman was showering, according to the Sun-Sentinel. Tucker walked off after being confronted by the husband, but remained in the neighborhood. Cops say that Tucker had been arrested in January for doing the exact same thing, but that the woman had decided not to press charges. It's unclear if the man had climbed atop the water purifier the first time he was allegedly caught spying on the wife. This time, the victim is apparently going through with pressing charges, and Tucker is charged with burglary, voyeurism, loitering and prowling. Bond was set at $80,000.

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