Wednesday, December 02, 2015

Calendar Girls

I'm late on this, but what did you think of Annie Leibovitz's choices for the 2016 Pirelli calendar

 It sounds like poor Carrie Fisher could have used the call more, after being asked to lose more than 35 pounds for "The Force Awakens." (Guess how she did it? She ate less and moved more!)


das buut said...

I could have gone without seeing Amy looking like someone's high maitenance girlfriend after a hookup. It's the face. Perfectly done while the rest of her says 'yeah, I enjoyed it, bitch!' Whether photoshop or intentional, it is off putting.

The Fisher Queen said...

I'm really surprised Fisher didn't tell the Star Wars people to go fuck themselves with a light sabre. They must have offered a buttload of $$$ to her

Bob K said...

Perelli opted out of constantly topping itself with more and better sexy calendar models. Smart! Carrie looked very short and stumpy recently, which is cool personally, but it's hard to photograph someone who looks like a gnome next to the other actors, as in recent video. She was fine, personally, but I am glad she conformed to what was needed so she could be in the movie. Idiots on some blogs said it was misogyny to ask her to lose, but the men were also asked.

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